Comprehensive in Cover, Not your Time

FullTime Cover ensures all-encompassing cover. We will develop a tailored plan to ensure clients insurance needs are fulfilled and will eliminate the need for clients to have numerous policies with many different insurers, which can often be time consuming and result in not getting the best possible price.


Dedicated to Grassroots

Our passion for sport is what drives us, therefore we strive to give as much back to the game as possible. FullTime Cover are committed to reinvesting 20% of all our profits back into the sporting community. We will do this by establishing partnerships with well-known charitable organisations in the sporting field. We are strong believers this can make a real difference and be incredibly beneficial for all parties involved.


Quality and Efficiency in Service

Much of success in team sport is breaking down performances into constituent parts. Attention to detail and improving multiple small parts for great achievement. We apply these same principles to insurance. We’ve made improvements in various areas to achieve great efficiency, leaving everyone more time to improve their performance. We place strong emphasis on the value of our service and providing good value for money to our clients.