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A policy that understands you as an individual, not just your job title.


We have had great success in finding significant reductions for our sports athletes in motor insurance whilst always committing to our ethos of only working with insurers that we know will deliver on service.

Sports personalities often face difficulties when it comes to insuring their vehicles as insurance companies may be cautious in offering cover due to the potential of high personal injury claims in the event of an accident. They may also be deterred by the age of the driver if a young player owns a high-performance vehicle.

At Full-Time Cover, we specialise in sports insurance and understand that all policies need to be determined on an individual basis.


We work alongside insurers who don’t unfairly penalise individuals due to a wider reputation of professional sports players and judge them on their own merit.


We can use black box technology and dashcams to demonstrate how you drive your vehicle in order to find you a competitive and fairly priced policy. We’ll work with you to arrange a policy which suits you and your vehicle with a price tag that isn’t determined solely by your job title.


Whether you’re looking for an individual car or a small motor fleet, contact us and see what we can do for you.

Key Features: 

  • Cover for high-value cars, supercars, hypercars and megacars
  • Potential for an agreed value policy
  • Courtesy car of a similar spec to your own
  • Repair cost cover
  • Breakdown (optional)
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We arrange all of your insurance requirements for a transparent fee.


We give 20% of that fee back to a charity chosen by you.

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