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Building fans,
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At Full-Time Cover, we like to think that we’ve scored the perfect hat-trick by accumulating the three things we’re passionate about into one business – quality insurance, sports and hospitality and giving back.

We’re a team of steadfast insurance professionals, dedicated to delivering a first-class service to our clients. Since we started, we’ve provided bespoke solutions for a wide range of commercial and sports clients. Our team works round-the-clock to ensure that no matter what time zone you’re in, we’re always ready to help.

Standing out from the crowd

We believe that many of the same principles that apply to successful sports teams can be applied to insurance and this practice is what sets us apart. To arrange a great policy, the individual components of what needs to be covered should be broken down into their constituent parts. We then examine these parts in detail to make improvements and mitigate risk in order to improve the policy’s overall efficiency and performance. With this method, we believe that we can find you, your club or your business cover that suits you to a tee.

Competititve cover, catered to all

Much the same as the hospitality industry, we place a strong emphasis on the value of our service and our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients are only ever subject to the best service possible. We work with our clients to develop an all-encompassing policy, eliminating the need to take out numerous policies with different insurers which is not only confusing and time-consuming but is usually much less cost-effective. We only use highly respected Lloyd’s syndicates, so our clients can rest assured they are in the safest possible hands.

Public-spirited at our core

We want to give back to charities and grassroot sports in order to help them flourish and encourage more people to get involved and get active. We’re committed to reinvesting 20% of our profits back into charitable causes and have already partnered with three major charities both in the sporting and hospitality field. We believe in making a difference within the charities and communities that we think matter. When you arrange a policy through Full-Time Cover, you get to pick where the donation goes.


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