Activity Topup Insurance - Full Time Cover

Activity Topup Insurance

Supercharge your travel insurance…

…and take advantage of a bespoke add-on

We work with leading insurers to deliver you results.


If you already have general Travel Insurance in place that doesn’t include cover for your chosen sport/activity, Activity TopUp will provide that additional boost of cover you need.

To ensure you’re not paying for something you won’t be able to benefit from, you only need to take out cover for the period that you will be doing the selected activity. You even have the option to take this out after you’ve left the UK.

Activity TopUp Insurance includes the key features that you would expect to see in travel insurance including medical expenses, repatriation and search and rescue.

This cover means that you don’t need to pay over-the-odds for a specialist travel policy to cover an excluded sport, you simply need to add this onto your policy as and when you need it and you’re good to go.

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