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Team Personal Accident Insurance

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When you’re managing a team or squad of amateur/semi-professional sports players, finding insurance which meets all of their needs based on your chosen sport can be tricky.

With Team Personal Accident Insurance, you benefit from six levels of flexible cover to choose from based on which would be the most appropriate for your team and your budget. This is important as, if you manage a team of adult football players, their insurance requirements would look very different from those of a junior netball team.

This policy will protect your team against accidents and injuries that occur when partaking in your chosen sport, whether that be in training, playing or in the midst of a competition.

The benefits of your policy will include personal accident, personal liability and weekly loss of earnings cover for adult teams. Junior team policies offer broken bone cover instead of loss of earnings.

The policy will apply to your full team, including any additional players. This means if you have a rotation of up to 26 players in ONE team, you will be covered under one policy. However, if your squad makes up two teams, you will need two separate policies.

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