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Finding the right insurance as a hotel owner can be tricky and boutique hotels in particular often have a unique set of insurance requirements and risk mitigation. At Full Time Cover, we are fast growing hospitality brokers offering a concierge approach to your Boutique Hotel Insurance quote.

What’s the difference between Hotel and Boutique Hotel Insurance?


As a boutique hotel, you may have certain features that require special attention in your insurance policy. We often see fine art, antiques or one-off commissions are not properly taken into consideration on standard hotel insurance policies but it’s essential to get this right to ensure these specialised items are properly covered should you need to make a claim. After all, how do you set a value on an antique or one-off piece? Can the art be restored? How likely is it the item would be found if stolen?


Your policy will also be shaped by the experiences you offer your guests from bike rides to spa treatments. These come with different liability concerns and requires specific risk management and mitigation.

As specialist Boutique Hotel Insurance brokers, we treat every site as unique and will work with you to create a presentation to underwriters. Our team will help you to demonstrate your passion and commitment to delivering a robust health and safety plan that ensures guest safety.


Key Features:

  • Hotel Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Buildings & Contents Insurance
  • Business Interruption


Growing your Hotel Business?

Are you looking to expand your hotel portfolio either domestically or abroad? We specialise in delivering great economies of scale growth in your business and can work with you in your 5-year plan to shape cover that allows you to easily manage all your venues under one policy.

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