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From a bistro to a tea room, setting up your own café and making it yours, with all your finishing touches, is incredibly rewarding. However, the hustle and bustle can present its own unique set of challenges. Mistakes can happen and you want to make sure you have proper cover for you, your staff, and your customers.

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If you choose Full Time Cover as your broker, we’ll sit down and find out all about your business. Working with you, we’ll then craft the perfect policy for your venue and staff.

Plus, when you insure through us, we will donate 20% of our profits to a Action Against Hunger.

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Key features

  • Liabilities Insurance
  • Buildings, Contents and Stock cover
  • Business Interruption
  • Personal Contents Protection
  • Equipment Cover
  • Theft
  • Commercial Kitchens / Freezer Contents
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What are the types of cover?


Public Liability Insurance

If you run a business, anyone can make a claim if they believe they have been injured, or their property has been damaged by you or your employees. Public Liability Insurance guards against claims that may be costly, time consuming, and highly stressful.


This is designed to protect you if anyone injures themselves, has an accident, or damages their property on your premises. This is vital to have, not just for yourself, but for the protection of your customers. Typical examples of claims could be if a member of staff spill some coffee on a laptop,with many cafes a destination of choice for freelance workers – this is a common occurrence and public liability insurance can cover the cost of damages to your customer.


Another example may be someone falls down stairs getting to the toilets. Café’s can often have small staircases and these can lead to accidents if not well marked up and supported with handrails.


Public Liability insurance covers compensation claims and importantly , offers you strong legal protection defending yourself. This is vital in what is a stressful situation – having the right cover in place before a situation arises is important and can save big headaches. How your business deals with these incidents can also be vital for your reputation going forward.


Having public liability insurance gives you peace of mind so you can get on with doing what you do best.


Product Liability insurance

What if a customer falls ill because of food they have eaten in your establishment? Product Liability insurance can cover you if a customer gets food poisoning and makes a claim against you.


Employers Liability Insurance

If you employ anyone outside your immediate family, it is a a UK requirement of law to have employers liability insurance. Employers liability insurance means you are protected if a staff member gets injured or sick whilst at work.


Building Insurance

This is only necessary if you own the building. If you lease, then it is typically down to the owner of the building to arrange buildings cover.


However, if you do own the building then you need to work out the rebuild value. Remember – buildings insurance is not based on market value of the property or what you paid for it – it is the cost to rebuild the property. If you are unsure speak to us about our desktop valuations.


Contents Cover

This protects everything inside the building against theft, vandalism or damage caused, potentially, by fire or flood. Think about everything; coffee machines, tills, Cutlery, furniture, computer equipment. Do you have any stand out art or decoration. Think also about personal contents for you and your staff.


Cash on Site

Although most transactions are contactless these days, cafes  can still typically handle a lot of cash. Cash on site cover offers protection if its kept in a locked safe overnight, or in transit to the bank.


Stock Insurance

This covers all stock such as drinks and food. A common claim on stock insurance is freezer failure. If your freezer packs up and your frozen food is no longer suitable to sell, then it is possible to claim on your insurance policy for the wasted food.


Business Interruption Insurance

Most pubs will be insured for damage to their buildings and contents from floods, fire or other unexpected disasters. But these policies often won’t cover you for lost revenue if you’re unable to trade. Business interruption insurance could provide you with funds to pay staff, refill stock and rebuild your business. This is a big one, with lots of important factors to consider, particularly for pub owners.

Business Interruption insurance is usually sold in 12, 24 and 36 month periods. Which period you buy cover for is one down to you and dependent on your business and premium expectations. You need to consider just how long it will take to build your business from ground up. If you have a fire, will your beloved regulars find another watering hole? How long until they come back? Do you happen to run another pub nearby? Could they drink there in the interim. Business Interruption insurance in many ways is the most important to get right, because the sums involved can be large, and can be  make or break in survival of your business should catastrophe arise. We have seen in many cases, businesses are often underinsured in this area, so it’s important to take time out and give accurate numbers on revenue and wageroll.


Loss of licence cover?

In order to sell alcohol, public houses need to have an appropriate alcohol licence. A licence could be revoked or not renewed for a number of reasons outside of your control which is why it is important to protect your pub against such a loss.


Loss of licence insurance can offer protection following the suspension, withdrawal or forfeiture of your alcohol licence due to licensing regulations or refusal to renew by the licensing authority. It could cover you for both loss of profit and other expenses reasonably incurred to maintain your gross profit


FAQ Café and Coffee shop Insurance


Why don’t you offer quote online insurance?

Your business is important to you, and your cover is important to us. We feel you can only achieve the right cover through a quick chat and getting to know you. Our friendly staff know exactly what to ask, so the chat wont take too much of your time.


What do I need to think about before calling?

Things that can often be missed by café owners during a call:

What security measures have you got in place? CCTV? Intruder Alarm? Safe model?

The more specifics you can give, the better an understanding we get and this reflects in your premiums.

Do you have staff training and inductions?

What hazardous cooking equipment do you have?

Does your pub have later than usual opening hours?

If you serve food, how many covers do you have?

What is your claims history? If you have any claims, what were they for? And helpfully – what did you do to ensure they don’t happen again?


Can I pay in Instalments?


Yes, please ask about our low interest instalment plan.

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