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For those who work in hospitality…

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When you work in hospitality, your main concerns should be to protect your income, your premises, and most importantly, your staff and customers. In this public-facing industry, disaster can strike at the most unexpected of times and could prove catastrophic to the running or reputation of your business.

At Full-Time Cover, we can ensure that you’re covered against a wide range of risks specific to your industry, all under a sole policy. We understand that when working in this industry you don’t get a lot of spare time to dedicate to admin, so let us take this out of your hands.

Our 3 step guide to ensuring you have the right cover in place:

  1. Taking time to understand your business
  2. Go to market once with a full presentation that best reflects you
  3. Find the best deal available and present it back to you

By speaking to our experienced team you avoid the risk of nasty surprises later on. We’ll work with you to identify and manage the risks specific to your business and then arrange a policy that works to mitigate these risks. No two establishments are the same, so we certainly won’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your business.

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