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Golf is a great sport for socialising as well as the thrill of the game itself. It combines a leisurely pace with good old competitive spirit and accommodates those of all ages. It’s also incredibly versatile; no round of golf is ever the same due to the conditions, the players and whether the elements are on your side.


Whilst golf isn’t a sport which involves physical contact, there are still risks involved. The equipment golfers use is a significant investment and can be costly to replace if lost, damaged or stolen.

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Specialist Golf Insurance can ensure that you’re safe in the knowledge that if something should go wrong, you’re covered.


If you take a shot which injures another player on the green, you could be liable to pay substantial damage costs if the shot was deemed negligent.


If you’re a member of a golf club and you’re not able to attend for a period of time due to accident or illness, we can also arrange for you to be covered in the period that you’re out of action. Similarly, if golfing is your profession and you’re out of action, we can arrange cover which protects your loss of earnings during your period of recovery.

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Key features:

  • Golf equipment
  • Liability
  • Hole-in-one cover
  • New-for-old replacement
  • Reimbursement of club membership fees
  • Personal accident
  • Optional European & Worldwide cover
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Our golf club insurance policy serves to protect you and your equipment and can provide you with financial support in the event of liability claims. From Clubhouse to the fairway, greens to irrigation system our golf club insurance policy can serve all. The key to a good insurance club policy is to tailor it to your specific needs. There are numerous schemes out there, but by dealing with a broker you can be assured that we can find the right market for your club. We are not tied to one specific scheme or underwriter which means we can shop around on your behalf for the most suitable policy for your club.


We can offer a golf club insurance review, free of charge and assess your existing policy and offer a no obligation appraisal of the cover in place. If there is a more suitable policy, or if you are underinsure din certain areas, or not paying appropriate premium, we will advise you and then its down to you if you want to switch.


Discounts are often available for clubs that have taken thorough risk management procedures and have a good claims record to prove it. We often offer up front No Claims Discounts, giving you great savings from the start. In specialist areas, where a golf course may have high insurance needs, with grade listed buildings and a collection of fine art, we can offer site visits and on hand assessment and risk management.


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If you run a golf club, contact us about insuring your club for revenue and asset protection alongside protecting you against terrorist threat and potential liability claims. We’ll be on hand to provide advice and guide you through the claims process should the worst happen.

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