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How does career-ending insurance work?

A career as a professional sportsperson requires a great deal of physical and mental strength. Yet for many, injuries that end careers can be put down to simple bad luck, so why chance it when insurance can offer financial support in such an event?

Any and every sportsperson, in any sport, has worked tirelessly to get where they want to be. It probably started as a hobby when you were a child and grew to encapsulate your whole life. Now, your sport is no doubt more than just a hobby but a job, a career and more.

When that is taken away, the financial impact isn’t the first thing you’d think about, but it would be in time. Career-ending insurance aims to protect you financially in such a situation and is tailored to you and your career.


How can careers end?

Since many sports are contact-sports, there’s a good chance you come into physical contact with other players and one mistake on their part could result in a serious anterior cruciate ligament rupture, broken bones or something similar. Even in non-contact sports, the chance of slipping, falling or injuring yourself or being injured by another is probably higher than you imagine.

Of course, as sport professionals, good health and fitness is a mantra to your life, but even light training you perform everyday can damage muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Depending on your sport, you could play something that presents unavoidable dangers such as horse-racing, gymnastics and diving.


What does career-ending insurance cover?

If you suffer a career-ending injury, everything you’re used to could be taken away. Whilst you’ll have the mental aptitude to recover in your own way, it can be difficult coming to terms with what could have been achieved, especially if it occurs at the beginning of your career.

We use industry experts to understand the impact you have already had as well as future potential in monetary terms, considering career salary, prize money and sponsorship deals.

This cover protects you and your family financially, so that the career you’ve built for yourself now and in the future isn’t ruled out by bad luck.


The finer points
The policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, which gives us remarkable scope to fine-tune a policy around you and your needs. That flexibility is seen throughout, from initially opting for a policy to making a claim. You’ll have the option to receive a tax-free lump sum payout or regular income instalments that help you manage your day-to-day living costs easier.

Generally, this policy is for a fixed term of one year [correct?] and can include a range of tournaments, competitions, international duty and more. If you’re a sports team or coach looking for group cover for your players, we can assist you with a group personal accident scheme, too. Whatever your need, we’ll guide you through the whole process.


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