How to reduce your premiums for festival insurance?

In this article we look at possible ideas to make sure you are getting the best value for money with your festival insurance and potential ways to decrease your premiums. Many of these things you may already be doing, but with help from your insurance broker, making a full presentation to underwriter goes a long way to proving you’re on top of your risk management, and therefore should push for cheaper premiums

Music festivals can often be the hardest to insure. Young party goers and alcohol on site in a vast area, as well as being highly susceptible to complete cancellation due to weather, which is extremely costly. Depending on what type of festival it is, where it is, what time of year, planning measures, camping; these are all factors taken into consideration when pricing for a festival.
So how can you reduce your premium?
As with all insurance; preparation and information is king. Having detailed plans well in advance always go down well with insurers and thus reduce festival insurance premiums.

Management plans
Detailed plans such as evacuation plans, where stages are set showing crowd control mitigation water stations, medic tents etc. The flow of the festival can be so important in crowd control and risk mitigation. Likewise, ensuring plenty of water stations can be vital for health and safety. Numerous festivals have fallen foul of this before and could prove potentially costly.

Installation of stages
Provide information on who installs the stages and lighting equipment, you need to make sure these are installed by fully insured 3rd party sub contractors. the case of Paul Van Dyke can be seen as an important example of stage construction and what could go wrong.

This can be the most important factor who is actually on the ground and what is their experience. The CV’s of more senior operators all help. Again, make sure they are fully insured as subcontractors. New festivals with no proven track record can benefit greatly from this. Not only will this improve your insurance premiums, bit this will offer much needed guidance at early stage of growing your festival.

Whilst all measures are relative to the size of the festival, everyone should be mindful of these measures and will be best placed for most competitive rates.

No Claims Bonus

Are you handling your festival risk mitigation and not being rewarded with a return premium? At FullTime Cover we ensure our clients are rewarded with no claims bonus on all festival insurance policies.

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