Protecting Against Uncertainty in the Events Sector


If you work in the events sector, then you know how unpredictable things can become. Technical hiccups, safety precautions and even last-minute act cancellations can throw massive spanners in the works when it comes to running your events smoothly and successfully. And with risks like that also comes financial risks too, as any difficulty in delivering the event could mean a significant loss in income. So what are the most common risks that the events sector faces, and how can an insurance broker like Full Time Cover help?




Crowds are a part of putting on events, no matter how big or small they are. Some events will be much easier to manage crowd-wise because they’re much smaller and take place in venues that already have risk assessments and crowd-management policies. However, if you’re running an event like an outdoor festival, you need to consider a range of implications to help manage crowds, prevent crushing and overcrowding, and have entrance and exit strategies in place to get attendees in and out of the venue safely.

Event Equipment


If you’re running an event like a music festival, especially if it has multiple stages, a lot of equipment is required. Microphones, PA and sound systems, large screens. And that’s before we even get onto the equipment that’s required for the rest of the infrastructure around the venue. There are many risks associated with equipment; a lot of wires will mean potential trip hazards, and if the equipment is hung from a height, risks should be mitigated to ensure that it’s safely installed and operated.

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Some events are only safe to run in certain weather conditions. This could be a music event, a sporting event or even an air show. Having bad weather events like heavy rain, high winds and thunderstorms could mean you have to scale back your offering, or even have to cancel the event altogether. For larger events these will be impossible to rearrange, so refunds would be likely. As there’s nothing you can do to prepare for extreme events, it’s best to have a policy that includes weather protection.

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Act Cancellations


One of the most important parts of your event is the talent. After all, that’s who the crowd is here to see. If an act cancels at any point, then you’ll need to protect against financial risk, especially if you sell your event on the pretence that the specific act will be there. This is pertinent for a single music gig, but doesn’t apply as much at a multi-lineup music festival.


However, last-minute cancellations can cause problems, especially if they’re a solo performer and the whole event has to be postponed or cancelled. Refunds would have to be issued, which can be costly if you don’t have financial protection through an insurance polic

Public Health Events


Whilst very rare, public health events like pandemics can mean that restrictions come into place, rendering your event unviable. Having to cancel means a lot of lost income, not only will you not generate profit, but you won’t break even either. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a UK-government-backed scheme only saw one successful payout, whilst the theatre industry took a massive financial hit with many in the industry feeling left out of government support schemes. By including public health events in your insurance policy, you can be covered for the financial implications of a cancellation due to a public health event.

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How [broker_name] Can Help


Each event that’s held across the UK is different, there are a range of different event types and a number of different scenarios that you might have to consider. To ensure that every scenario and eventuality is covered by an insurance policy – at the right level of cover – the best thing you can do is work with an experienced insurance broker like Full Time Cover. We can shape your policy based on your specific requirements, making sure that you’re covered comprehensively in the right areas and also not paying for cover you don’t require.

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