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Athletes participate in a number of sporting events from sprints, cross country, long and high jump, to shot put, javelin and more. These activities can all put a strain on your body, making you more prone to injury.


Whether you partake in track, field or combined events, the repetition of training and activity can affect different parts of your body from the muscles, bones, nerves and even blood flow. When you’re pushing your body to such limits, it’s easy to experience physical complications as a result.

Man ready to start race to promote leading athletics insurance broker Full-time Cover
Man ready for relay race to promote leading athletics insurance brokers Full-Time Cover

If you suffer an injury which takes time to heal, this could have a major impact on your performance or even affect your ability to take part in a particular event. Athletics Insurance can help cover any financial retributions of this. 


Giving you time to recover with the peace of mind that you have protected the time it takes for you to get back to fitness.


We don’t only cover athletes. We also arrange cover for coaches which will protect you against the possible repercussions of an athlete becoming injured during training.


The consequences of incorrect advice or guidance could be devastating to both the livelihood of an athlete and your reputation. Sports Coach Insurance protects you if an athlete takes legal action against you should such an incident occur.

Key features:

  • Liability
  • Personal accident
  • Sports equipment
  • Cost of physiotherapy sessions
  • Death
  • Loss of earnings
  • Permanent disability
  • Optional European & Worldwide cover
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Female athlete ready for race to promote leading athletics insurance brokers Full-Time Cover


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