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Boxing is a highly physical sport which is why people believe that by its very nature, it’s inherently high-risk. However, we understand that whilst the sport does come with an element of risk, the stories that get blown up in the media are in fact very rare occurrences.

Injuries of a similar significance can be seen across many sports, yet they don’t get the same dangerous reputation as stepping in the ring.

Two female boxers in action during a round to promote leading boxing insurance broker Full-time Cover
Boxers squaring up before match to promote leading boxing insurance brokers Full-Time Cover

We believe in obtaining boxers fair insurance quotes which reflect the actual risk carried by the sport, rather than the media’s portrayal.


Amateur boxing is heavily regulated and progress is made gradually, almost eliminating the chance of significant injury in youths. Whilst professional matches can be a lot more taxing with sustained punches and more rounds, the ringside medical assistance available has improved hugely over the decades.


Whether you’re a professional, semi-professional or amateur boxer, Full-Time Cover can arrange a policy that will cover you in the event that you become injured and are unable to work, protect your equipment and insure you during competitions and events.


We even cover cancelled events should disaster strike and the main event gets called off. We’ve got you covered both in the ring and out of it.

Key Features:

  • Personal accident
  • Loss of earnings
  • Sports equipment
  • Public liability
  • Permanent disablement
  • Optional European & Worldwide cover


We also provide cover for boxing coaches to cover you if your boxer damages any equipment at the venue you’re using, you suffer an injury during a coaching session or something you’ve taught has been brought into question in a legal dispute.

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Boxers squaring up before match to promote leading boxing insurance brokers Full-Time Cover


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