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Full-Time Cover can arrange comprehensive, tailored insurance for your event, whether it’s hosted at an intimate venue, a festival or a sold-out stadium. As a niche sports and entertainment broker, music festival and concert insurance is our specialty. We accommodate for different types of entertainment, from DJ sets and dance acts to stand-up gigs and theatre.

Live music and entertainment attract crowds, and those crowds are what create the atmosphere of an event. But where large numbers of people gather, the level of risk increases.


If a person or their property is injured or damaged in your venue, you could be held liable. Factoring in other elements such as alcohol, adrenaline and expensive equipment; it’s wise to ensure you have an insurance policy that fits the bill.


Even at quieter affairs, things can still go wrong. Your venue could get temporarily closed due to flooding, or your main act could be struck by sickness and unable to perform. Your insurance should consider a range of risks to form a comprehensive line of defence.

Your policy will cover you for liability and equipment damage, whilst considering other risks such as adverse weather, event cancellation and terrorism. We’ll work with you to determine the type and scale of the event that you are hosting, in order to source you a policy that covers you for what you need.


Key Features: 

  • Employers Liability
  • Public & Product Liability
  • Buildings and Contents
  • Stages & Scaffolding
  • Equipment & Instrument Damage
  • Fire, Flood & Storm Damage
  • Event Cancellation
  • Cash On-site
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Cyber
Where we Can Help:
We have assisted anyone looking to insure a festival for public and insurers liability- from music festivals to food festivals. We cover event cancellation and adverse weather as well as damage to equipment.
We can provide contingency insurance cover from large to small festivals. We can quote on
  • Music Festival Insurance
  • Beer and food festival insurance
  •  Comedy and film festival insurance

Music Festival and Concert  Insurance is our expertise, and it is that area that requires most planning. Factors can often include larger crowds, stages, band and DJ equipment and the risk management, particularly for public liability can be complex.

Teams can dedicate their entire years work to a festival, and with it open such a small window for a fixed date, many things can go wrong so risk mitigation is important, as well as considering additional cover.

Adverse weather in particular can be vital additional cover. The weather in UK is particularly unpredictable and often conditions can make it hazardous or unsafe for people to attend. With a years hard work in preparing for the festival, the financial ruins of potentiallyt not going ahead can be disasterous, so a comprehensive insurance policy can be vital for peace of mind.


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