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Netball accommodates people of all ages and demonstrates agility, stamina, defence techniques and endurance. Whilst it is predominantly a non-contact sport, it still comes with risks as games become more intense and injuries to fingers and hands are common, as well as sprains.

Netball player aiming at goal to promote leading netball insurance broker Full-time Cover
Netball player aiming ball at goal to promote leading netball insurance brokers Full-Time Cover

Our specialist team can help you to identify and manage the risks that you’re subjected to in order to ensure you’re properly insured against these.


We’ll also help you to confirm you have the correct safety practices and procedures in place to ensure your policy is valid should you need to make a claim.


Whilst these injuries may often be considered fairly minor, they can put you out of play for a prolonged period of time, and for those playing professionally, it’s wise to be covered to ensure you’re protected for loss of income whilst you’re unable to work.


If you’re a club, team, or association, liability insurance will cover you against any damage to a third party or their property as a result of your organisation. This will apply both on and off the court.

Key Features:

  • Liability
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Cover
  • Professional indemnity
  • Personal accident
  • Loss of earnings
  • Sports equipment
  • Optional European & Worldwide cover


If you’re a netball coach, taking out a specialist netball coach policy can cover you for professional indemnity if the advice or guidance you give to your team results in an injury or they are injured in your care.  This could otherwise result in a costly compensation claim, alongside investigation and defence costs.

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