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Swimming is a highly competitive sport and requires a high level of commitment and training to get to a professional standard. Yet, it accommodates people of all ages and levels of fitness, so even those just starting out on their fitness journey, or needing to take the strain off certain areas of their body, can enjoy this wonderfully diverse sport.


It’s one of the few sports that works out your entire body, building muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Professional swimmer diving into pool to promote leading swimming insurance broker Full-time Cover
Swimmer in action to promote leading swimming insurance brokers Full-Time Cover

Whether you’re a swimmer, instructor or a club/association, you will need specialised cover to protect you, your property and your team against the risks associated with the sport.


Our specialist team will work with to identify which category you fall into and the level of cover you require. This will cover individuals and teams against personal accidents and loss of earnings during any periods of recovery.


Clubs and venues can be safe in the knowledge that their business can stay afloat should something go wrong with tailored insurance designed to mitigate risks from liability claims, equipment theft/damage and event cancellation.

Key features:

  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Loss of earnings
  • Personal Accident
  • Permanent disablement
  • Liability
  • Professional Indemnity


Swimming instructors work with children and adults frequently throughout the lifespan of their careers which can make you subject to liability risks. When teaching a class, you have a duty of care to your pupils.


If one suffers an accident or injury whilst in your care, you may find yourself in the midst of a liability claim. We can cover for such events, as well as arranging cover against loss, theft or damage to equipment.

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Swimmer in action to promote leading swimming insurance brokers Full-Time Cover


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