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Leisure Centre Insurance

Our specialist insurance offers expert & comprehensive protection for leisure centres

Leisure centre insurance cover with FTC

As the owner or operator of a sports and leisure facility, navigating potential challenges can be daunting. Given the distinct risks and increased focus on health and safety, we recognize the utmost importance of securing comprehensive sports & leisure insurance to safeguard both your business and your patrons.

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What does Cover Include?

Other forms of cover:

Below is a summary of the additional cover we provide as part of our sports facility insurance:


Fidelity: This covers you if your business loses money or goods resulting from fraud or employee dishonesty, i.e. a member of staff stealing money from the premises.

All risks: This covers you for loss or damage to portable equipment that you take away from your businesses facility.

Loss of food: This covers you if the fridge or freezer you use to store food at your business facility breaks down and you have to buy more food.


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